Customer Acquisition / Re-Activation Programs

Programs created specifically to bring in new business, or bring back customers that have stopped doing business with you.

Why Customers Leave

  • 4% Buyer / Decision-Maker Leaves Company
  • 5% Begin Purchasing From a Friend/ Family Member
  • 9% Went With a Lower Price
  • 14% Unresolved Grievance With Supplier
  • 68% Supplier’s “Attitude of Indifference”

Most companies spend most of their marketing budget on aquiring new customers – and justifiably so. However, there is a great resource most companies leave untapped – their OLD customers that have moved on. These programs will have the added benefit of making sure your existing customers don’t feel taken for granted!

Industry studies have shown it take at least SIX TIMES as much money to generate a new customer than to bring back old or existing customers. We will create custom programs to maxmize your return on marketing activites to BOTH new and old customers to reach your goals!

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